Tournaments and Championships

歴史に刻まれた相撲大会 Historical Sumo Championships

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16 世紀の織田信長杯 Oda Nobunaga Cup in 16 Century



織田信長杯  Oda Nobunaga Honorable Cup

辻長右衛門杯  Tsuji Soke Cup (Curently 12th generation Soke)

特別賞  Special Awards

技術賞  Technical Awards


古武道学院道場 Samurai Academy of Kobudo Annual Tournament

SAKIT 2017 winners IMG_5187 66k

辻長右衛門杯  Soke Grand Master Tsuji Cup

住吉道場賞    Historical Sumiyoshi Dojo 380 year Award

古武道学院道場賞    Samurai Academy of Kobudo MVP Award

Students have an immediate goal besides bettering themselves to train for.   Students have extra motivation for their martial arts training.


 Federation for Advancement of Martial Arts Annual Tournaments


Three Grand Masters from China, Japan, and U.S.A. formed F.A.M.A. organization.   F.A.M.A. is responsible for many aspects of martial arts development including seminars and Tournaments.

F.A.M.A. encourages students from different schools ranging in a variety of  different styles and disciplines of martial arts to compete against each other  in categories such as, open handed forms, weapon forms, point sparring and continuous sparring (Randori).

Soke Grand Master Tsuji introduced to the federation, “乱取り” “Randori” as he and his family trained in Japan since 16 century. Randori uses freiendly motivated and raised spirits for a number of dedicated martial artists with deferent styles of great schools.

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